What we do

At Flamingo Sky we have all the experience and skills in-house to help universities identify commercially viable IP and R&D, develop ideas into business plans, provide management alongside key stakeholders and deliver investment funds to drive knowledge, technology & research transfer,  collaboration, innovation and joint ventures across the UK, Europe and beyond.

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Since 2012, Flamingo Sky has worked with early stage opportunities and research projects to define viability in the real world, build business models to create a route to market, encourage industry experts to join the team as executives or non-executives and develop unique, university focused investment funds in partnership with proven regulated and accredited partners.

Flamingo Sky provides a turn-key solution for the creation of commercially viable businesses, staffed with experts in their field and well supported through investment in partnership with universities, industry, commerce and academics to create mutual, risk/reward based opportunities with long term revenue and future value.

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