Uni Crypto

The NEST Uni Crypto concept is designed to revolutionise funding requirements and long term investment and exits via the PIPE (Pre-IPO Exchange) for very early stage university projects across the UK, EU and beyond.

In Q1 2019, we will be launching a Pre-ICO Event (PIE) and ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to support our STO in 2019.  This ICO and associated token will provide the purchaser the right to buy into our STO (Security Token Offering) at a vastly preferential rate ahead of it’s launch in Q3 2019.

For further information on the Uni Crypto fund, please contact us.

The PIE, ICO and STO will deliver: 

  • De-centralisationThus removing currency, legislative and geographic barriers to investment in unlisted (pre-IPO) Incorporated Cell Companies (ICC).
  • Dividends As invested companies produce profit, dividends will be distributed on a pari passu basis to all token holders in either local currency, tokens or held for future rounds (DRIP’s) depending on your choice built into the blockchain.
  • Increased liquidity & access to/return on invested cashSTO token holders are free to trade tokens on the PIPE and open exchanges and markets as they mature to take advantage of the collective token value increases across all investments as they materialise and the applied discounts for earlier acquirers as listed below.
  • Guarantees Providing security against existing NEST equity (shares) at pre-ICO and ICO in year 1 to protect early adopters.
  • Turning Crypto/token holders into Angel InvestorsThe STO gives holders a significant share (min 25%) in the equity of up to 500 early stage, high growth opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to individuals and investors alike.
  • Portfolio diversificationwhich is known to significantly reduce the principle risk of an early stage/Angel investment by increasing the spread of investment across c.100 deals per annum over 5 years (c.500 investments) in multiple markets, geographies, management teams & themes.
  • Opportunity identificationproviding visibility of investable projects that would otherwise not be offered to the public, have successfully passed through due diligence and are well documented, staffed and organised.
  • Due Diligencewhich significantly de-risks early stage investments and ensures opportunities are viable and capable of producing the significant ROI the fund demands.
  • Ongoing ManagementWe maintain a seat on every invested company board via our proven and high level executive/associate network to keep a focus on delivering the business plan and associated returns.

NEST opens up the normally unobtainable, high value EU university R&D/IP to token holders and investors whilst providing exit and liquidity options via the proposed PIPE.


PIPE is a Pre-IPO Exchange system for trading Security Tokens called FTO. FTO can be acquired from NEST in Fiat, ETH, BTC, LTC etc. The FTO sale will generate a collective investment fund (CIS) that will be invested in University R&D companies that have passed through stringent Flamingo Sky due diligence. Invested companies are listed on the PIPE and investors can trade, sell, buy FTO as they wish. As the company grows NEST will invest up to £2m per opportunity after which the PIPE can be used by the company for raising additional funds as required, which keeps early stage companies in the PIPE longer term, drives profits and prevents early low value exits. Overall exit may be via a trade sale or IPO, but investors can exit earlier by selling their FTO.

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