Post BREXIT H20/20 etc..

None of us know for sure what will happen after March 29, October 31st (yes..Halloween!) or what arrangements will be in place or how effective any measures will be in maintaining continuity, therefore it is wise  and prudent to be prepared for any eventuality.

Flamingo Sky has moved it’s head office to the EU (Tallinn, Estonia) whilst maintaining a support and sales base in the UK and will be adding a further EU hub in Malta in Q1/2 of 2019 to support it’s Crypto Funding operation.

Company structure

It is our belief that UK R&D can still be supported through EU Funding for Innovation and specifically Horizon 2020, the European Structural and Investment Funds and the European Fund for Strategic Investments to support University projects, ‘spin out’ SME’s and subsequent loans/grants as may be required in the early years.

We believe that UK universities will still be able to partner with other EU universities, businesses and partners to secure grants and have positioned ourselves strategically to support this after March 2019.

For further details on how Flamingo Sky can support your R&D/Innovation, please Contact Us.