Investment Funds

Flamingo Fledgling Funds (FFF) are designed to work in partnership with the university and Flamingo Sky to provide investment for commercial projects and local, external projects that require university access for R&D/Innovation.

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These funds are operated independently of each other, with each university having its own specific fund managed by Flamingo and used exclusively for university projects and/or local business access where university partnership is required.

Unlike other investment funds, the Flamingo funds are mutually beneficial in that ALL upside profits are shared with the university 50/50.  This means that between the university and Flamingo, all profits are attributed to the process and ploughed back into the process and not ‘skimmed off’ as fees.  Apart from administration costs which are shared equally, all fund profits are distributed 50/50 with the university.

Funds will operate under FCA and HMRC rules (in the UK) or local rules in other EU states as appropriate.  Funds will ONLY be used for university specific and agreed projects and the Investment Committee of each fund will include at least one representative of the university at all times.

Flamingo Sky will create all legal frameworks, investment documentation, investor appraisal, stakeholder management, reporting and fund management.

For further details on Flamingo Fledgling Funds, please Contact Us.