The Flamingo Sky associates are extremely important to the business and provide an enviable ‘real world’ view of where a particular R&D/Innovation opportunity should be focused.

Our associates are sourced from large EU corporate partners or have experience in a particular field as an innovator or entrepreneur.  Their unique skill in having deep knowledge of a particular commercial domain through years of hands on experience, means that they can truly ‘see’ how an opportunity could be exploited and how best to achieve that.

Our associates provide empirical  evidence based knowledge that provides for an enviable due diligence process, but which is designed to fix commercial issues and not simply say no when ideas or concepts are not fully formed.  This means that Flamingo Sky will never say no to an opportunity but will instead put forward a course of action to insure against failure.  This may require a fundamental change of direction within the R&D or Innovation team where required or even a joint venture or other commercial arrangement.  Any decision or recommendation is made in partnership with the academic lead, the university, the associate and Flamingo Sky mutually.

Associates do not work for Flamingo Sky, they are independent.  This means that they are impartial and free to make observations and provide input without prejudice, something that helps us to produce excellent investor outcomes.

If you would like to be considered for an associate role, please contact us.