Who are we?

A part of NEST Holdings (EU)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Nest Holdings (EU) and Flamingo Sky EU have now been incorporated into The PIPE Company LLC and relocated to Tallinn, Estonia. A further announcement on the service provision to new and existing UK clients will be made in the New Year (Q1 2020).

Since 2012, Flamingo Sky (NEST Holdings EU) has worked with university R&D and innovation teams (in-house or outsourced to Flamingo Sky EU) and very early stage companies to demonstrate commercial viability, create business plans for investment, provide executive & non-executive associates, drive industry collaboration and innovation and investment via parochial EIS and SEIS funds of between £2m and £5m each year.

Our process is very clearly defined and focused on one overall goal, that is to support academics with great, commercial ideas and IP, to deliver upside revenues and profits back to investors, partner universities and clients through our mutual risk/reward model or department outsourcing model.

Flamingo Sky in partnership with research establishments and/or universities, can identify commercial opportunity, develop market facing propositions, develop appropriate business plans for investment, develop investment funds to support the deal flow, market those funds (to alumni and local investor channels), administer and manage under FCA guidelines SEIS and EIS funds of between £2m and upwards of £5m providing a revenue stream from the fund itself year on year.

Flamingo Sky provides for greater transparency and visibility of the investment process through the close and encouraged involvement of all stakeholders in the end to end process and gives the opportunity to develop early stage and secondary stage funds, to focus on parochial projects and local opportunities and expand the overall reach of the research establishment and/or university.

By offering a turnkey solution, the research establishment and/or university client can be assured of continuity, openness, honesty and fair play at all stages of the commercialisation process.